Since 2015


Veggie Express – Redefining “Vegetarianism” Experience!

VEGETARIANISM – the future of food trend – a future of healthy, eco-friendly, and animal friendly environment. It is not only appealing to “Baby Boomers” but also the “Gen-Y” and “Millennials” – new generation who are into living a healthy lifestyle!

Veggie Express is founded by a group of passionate youths who are passionate in saving the planet through vegetarianism. The birth of this beautiful idea came from sincerity, righteousness, love & compassion for mother nature uniting all vegetarians, contribution to the society, and creating legacy that will lasts generations.

Our vision and mission is to become a global premium brand like 7-11, Starbucks, and Subway, to provide a comfortable environment and convenience for vegetarians and vegans around the world pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Currently expanding rapidly in the Klang Valley vicinity. The Veggie Express team envisages opening a total of 100 outlets (Café and Kiosks) across Malaysia. The next stage will see the Company taking this homegrown brand globally. Initial outlets are owned and managed by Champs Global Network, with future outlets to be opened under a licensing business model.


To provide convenience to veggie lovers
To introduce variety and sustainability in veggie dishes
To promote holistic and healthy living


To expand Veggie Express to everywhere in the world

Over 30 years in F&B Franchise GURU. YC Wang was the regional director for Burger King USA, and had managed a few International and local brands in the capacity as CEO and senior director.
He was the key consultant for the world famous feng shui concept, World of Feng Shui by Lillian Too, which is currently represented in more than 20 countries worldwide.
YC Wang was the driving force behind a few successful F&B brands, namely Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers Roasters and PappaRich, growing from a few outlets to a sizable market share both in Malaysia and Asia Pacific Rim. He is a respectable franchise consultant for a few renowned local brands and has expanded his branding expertise into the international market. He has bee panel consultant for a few local SMEs and NGOs.